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Greek Island Bliss: Exploring Mykonos, Santorini and Crete

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17-Jun-2023 Sharon Kemp

Greek Island Bliss: Exploring Mykonos, Santorini and Crete

My island-hopping experience was full of unique culture, awe-inspiring views and, of course, incredible food...

My recent island-hopping adventure around Greece was absolutely incredible; Mykonos, Santorini, and Crete all offered unique yet equally stunning adventures. From the warm hospitality to the delectable cuisine, each island left a lasting mark on my heart, and getting to experience them all on one trip was truly unforgettable Greek holiday.

Mykonos - A Home Away from Home

My first stop was the enchanting island of Mykonos, where I stayed at Santa Marina, a Luxury Collection Resort, Mykonos. The hotel is just a 10-minute drive from Mykonos town, and the breathtaking views of the Aegean Sea from the resort were a constant reminder of the island's beauty.

"The hospitality at this resort was exceptional and made it one of my favourite stays, with the staff making me feel like part of their family."

I had an incredible dining experience at the Buddha Beach Bar, enjoying great music from DJ Nick, and a lively atmosphere. I also headed into the town for a wander around Mykonos during my stay here, and it is a maze of boutique shops, cafes and restaurants which came alive in the evenings with music coming from every way.

Santorini - Immersing in Local Life

Next, I hopped on a ferry to Santorini, where I stayed at Vedema. What I loved about this place is that you could really immerse yourself into the local life as it felt like it was a village within a village. I took a drive into Oia from the hotel, which was busy during the day but as the sun started to set, the crowds began to disappear, and I got to see some really beautiful sunsets.
Nafiska Estate

Paros - A Warm and Cosy Retreat

After my whirlwind experience of Santorini, my journey continued to the charming island of Paros, where I was greeted by the lovely staff at Cosme, a Luxury Collection Resort, Mykonos. As soon as I arrived at the hotel, it felt like I was meeting up with old friends. And I loved the proximity of the beach, just a two-minute walk from the reception area!
The warm and cosy feeling of this property matched with the exclusivity that it offers, being a smaller hotel. Whilst I was staying at Cosme, I took a 10-minute walk into Naousa, which had some lovely walkways around the village. Its boutique shops and inviting bars were enticing, and the pathways were a little wider than those in Mykonos and Santorini making it a bit easier to walk around and take everything in.

Crete - Exquisite Views and Cultural Experiences

My final stay was at the luxurious Blue Palace, a Luxury Collection Resort, Elounda, Crete. Here, the exceptional staff, mostly locals, made my stay truly memorable.
My top experiences here had to be dinner at the Anthos Restaurant (which was recently voted as the No. 1 Restaurant in the World), the spectacular views of Spinalonga and having a private tour with Georgina Boucci who shared her knowledge of Victoria Hislop's book, The Island which is an absolute must-do for anyone visiting! After our tour, we went for a stroll around Plaka which added to the cultural immersion; the village is only about five or ten minutes from the hotel.
Whilst in Crete, I was also treated to a dinner at Topos at Domes of Elounda, Autograph Collection. This was another of my highlights as it was a Greek Themed filled with Greek dancing.
Spinalonga boat trip
Spinalonga boat trip
Embarking on a Greek island-hopping holiday is a feast for the senses and a must-do luxury travel experience. From the warm hospitality to the delicious cuisine, each island offers a unique experience. Just be prepared to indulge in mouthwatering food and embrace the enchanting atmosphere of these idyllic destinations. And don't forget comfortable shoes!

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Sharon Kemp

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