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From Our Travels: A Top Pick for Your Dubai Stay

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17-Jul-2023 Laura Curtis

From Our Travels: A Top Pick for Your Dubai Stay

Our Team's Tales from The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai

Two members of our specialist beach team, Emily and Sammy, have just come back from an exciting trip to the UAE's most illustrious city. Staying at The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai, their escape to this lavish playground was nothing short of unforgettable. Read on to discover more about their luxury hotel stay, including insider intel and the must-dos for your next holiday to this first-class resort.

Samantha Shone

If you're on the lookout for a family-friendly hotel in Dubai that has all the opulence that you expect, then look no further! Whilst I didn't travel with family, The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai is an absolute haven for those who do. There was a fantastic kid's pool, an epic water slide and a lazy river. There's also loads of outdoor space which would be perfect for little ones to burn some energy on.
Travelling without any little ones in tow? Then you're going to love the adults-only pool! It was perfect for people like us and even had a swim-up bar and a big screen for sports events.
The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai pool
But it was the beach that had me hooked - it's so beautiful! A long stretch of pristine shoreline offering great views of the iconic Dubai Eye and across the Arabian Gulf. The view is so unmistakable (and picture-perfect). When you share it on your socials, there's no doubt about where you are.
On Dubai beaches
The stand-out moment for me was our dinner at Tamoka, which is The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai's newest restaurant. The food and service were outstanding, and the beachfront location was perfect. I ate a lot here, including the Mahi Mahi which was delicious.
Then after dinner, we enjoyed a bottle of wine on the beach seating area of the Cana bar. This is like a true slice of paradise with beanbags, hammocks and a DJ playing tunes into the evening. And watching the sunset here is an experience I'll never forget!
The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai beach at sunset

Emily Rutter

This is an absolute gem of Dubai, and our stay was incredible. It's so hard to pick a favourite moment as there were so many!
You're spoilt for choice when it comes to places to soak up the sun. The beach area is super nice - a big open space with an endless ocean in front, and the incredible skyline behind. With Ritz being fairly low-rise, the skyline behind it is fascinating.
Skyline over The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai
And the adults-only pool is such a chic spot. You'll have loads of Instagram-worthy moments to share with your friends including some phone booths scattered around (you can see a sneak peek below!).
Phone booth at The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai
Phone booth at The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai
The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai
The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai
My recommendations for your stay?
The first is to dine at Tamoka and try the lobster! And the second is to make sure you benefit from the club lounge. The staff serving drinks and food at different times throughout the day made our stay really easy. It adds that extra special touch to your luxury Dubai holiday, and everything was delicious of course.
Food at The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai
For more first-hand travel tales and luxury holiday inspiration, take a look at our Elegant Traveller blog.
Laura  Curtis

Laura Curtis

Senior Copywriter

Whether it's a short-haul weekend away or an exciting international adventure, I'm always eager for my next trip. I've been lucky to travel in abundance, and each time I come home, I bring back unforgettable stories that I love to share.

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