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Four Things You Shouldn't Miss On Your Next Dubai Adventure

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05-Apr-2023 Laura Curtis

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Four Things You Shouldn't Miss On Your Next Dubai Adventure

According to our Digital Communications Executive, Victoria!

Whilst Victoria had touched ground in Dubai for numerous airport stopovers, her experience had never escaped the airport walls until last year. Despite not previously falling on her radar, she was wowed from the moment she arrived.
Though it's known for its luxury, Dubai is perfect for all ages and interests; families, solo travellers, and couples alike. Travelling this exciting city with her husband, Victoria soon discovered that there was more to Dubai than its seven-star hotels and man-made marvels. Now firmly believing that this is a country that is an absolute must for any traveller's bucket list, she shares her four unmissable experiences.


"Dubai really has some beautiful beaches. One that we visited that I really enjoyed was Kite Beach, the sand was so soft and although the weather is a little nippier at this time of year, we still went for a swim in the ocean".

Dubai Beach
The warm blue waters of the Arabian Gulf meets gold sand for Dubai's stretches of shoreline. And with constant sunshine, the beaches are a must-do in all seasons. Enjoy views of the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah on the horizon and stop at one of the many food trucks on offer along the beachfront. Or for the more active and adventurous, there is a whole host of activities to dive into.

"I am not a runner, but Kite Beach has a 14km track plus so many water sports including kitesurfing, wakeboarding and paddle boarding. "


One of Dubai's most famous landmarks is the Museum of the Future; a building that matches the renowned innovation and modernity of the city. Each floor offers new experiences and possibilities for the future, designed to inspire and engage.

"I feel very fortunate that I got to experience this back in September. You really can't miss this building from the outside as it is very striking and according to Dubai Tourism Board, it has been recognised by National Geographic as one of the 14 most beautiful museums in the world."

The Museum Of The Future


Dubai Creek

Dubai may be known as a land of the future, but there is more than what meets the eye. Beyond the skyscrapers and shopping malls, you will find the narrow streets and vibrant souks of Al Fahidi. Step back into mid-19th century Old Dubai for a glimpse of the city's heritage.

"Once you have built up an appetite here, make sure you head to my Sister-In-Law's favourite restaurant, the Arabian Tea House for a taste of genuine Emirati hospitality. Everything was so delicious!"


The golden dunes of the Arabian Desert is home to a remarkable array of adventures, and has become an essential visit to any Dubai getaway. From magical moments watching the sunset to sandboarding for adrenaline seekers, or even a desert safari, there is so much to explore!

"I can honestly say that this was my favourite evening from my trip... we started off with a drive over the dunes, which was just another level, followed by a quick prosecco stop and photo opportunities of course. We then headed further into the desert for dinner whilst we watched fire eaters and belly dancers perform."

Read more about Victoria's adventure on her blog Doorways and Dresses , or discover more Dubai inspiration on our Elegant Traveller Blog .
Laura  Curtis

Laura Curtis

Senior Copywriter

Whether it's a short-haul weekend away or an exciting international adventure, I'm always eager for my next trip. I've been lucky to travel in abundance, and each time I come home, I bring back unforgettable stories that I love to share.

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