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Five Eco-Friendly Luxury Holidays That Give Back

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15-Mar-2024 Laura Curtis

Five Eco-Friendly Luxury Holidays That Give Back

Sustainable stays where indulgence meets impact...

Some of the most luxurious stays in the world's best holiday destinations are redefining luxury travel. As we look to the future, the world of luxury travel is recognising the importance of an environmentally friendly escape.

Gone are the days when eco escapes were limited to camping or volunteering - there is now an abundance of environmentally friendly sustainable retreats that promise luxury experiences seamlessly blended with a deep commitment to environmental and social responsibility. So, wondering where to stay for a sustainable holiday? From beach retreats to mountain wonders, there are plenty of options for a greener getaway.

Discover just a few of our favourite eco-conscious stays that leave a positive impact.

Jumeirah Bali

Entrance to Jumeirah Bali with trees and water fountain
Hotel Entrance
Jumeirah Bali stretches out towards the sea from its impressive setting on the cliffs of south-western Bali. Its intricately designed spaces, personalised service, and vantage viewpoint ensure that every luxurious detail has been considered, whilst also honours its surroundings with its sustainable practices.

Jumeirah Group cares for nature, making sure their properties are not only inspired by nature but also help protect it. For Jumeirah Bali, this includes everything from energy-efficient systems to supporting local community and conservation projects. The gardens even support wildlife and assist in the cultivation of native plants with their design.

Ulusaba Private Game Reserve

Safari Lodge Suite Decking Area looking out over bush
Safari Lodge Suite Decking Area
Set amid the sprawling bushveld of the Sabi Sand Game Reserve which borders Kruger National Park, Ulusaba Private Game Reserve is a haven of luxury and incredible wildlife experiences. But Ulusaba goes beyond breathtaking experiences. This reserve also has a deep commitment to protecting its landscapes and supporting its communities.

This safari stay may be known for its Big Five sightings, but you will also get to experience the sustainable practices in the reserve throughout your getaway. The pampering spa treatments use natural products, and the expert chefs ensure that their fish are sourced sustainably. Even the recycled water bottles in guest rooms reflect a commitment to minimising waste.

And Ulusaba's footprint extends far beyond its 13,500 hectares of bushveld. The reserve actively supports neighbouring communities by providing clean water, educational opportunities, engaging activities for children and a support system for local entrepreneurship through their Pride 'n Purpose charity. It is estimated that since its inception, Pride 'n Purpose has benefited over 150,000 people across 14 communities, with initiatives ranging from training teachers to planting sustainable food sources.

Rosewood Phuket

Entrance Lobby to Rosewood Phuket
Entrance Lobby to Rosewood Phuket
Inspired by nature and designed with purpose, Rosewood Phuket is an exquisite island escape that is dedicated to building a connection between a luxury holiday and the natural landscape. Following its A Sense of Place® philosophy, every element of this serene escape is infused with a consideration of its context.

The resort houses some key sustainable practices including rainwater retention ponds to create its water supply and the largest solar renewable energy system for any Phuket hotel. But it also uses indigenous, sustainable materials such as stone and timber in its building, and places its forest surroundings at the forefront with floor-to-ceiling windows. Guests can get involved too, whether that's a beach clean-up where you can also create art from your findings to joining the chef on a farm-to-table epicurean encounter.


PONANT cruising to incredible locations#
PONANT has a long history, over three decades worth, of whisking away discerning travellers on a discovery of the Earth's most remote and enchanting destinations. These pristine locations are havens for nature, and PONANT recognises the importance of preserving these ecosystems and the local communities.

The cruise line is deservedly proud of their sustainability efforts - efforts which have seen them win multiple awards in the field. But one action that is particularly close to the heart of PONANT is the PONANT Foundation.
Created in 2018, this foundation is fuelled by a legacy of passion for discovery and protection. It supports projects, initiatives and foundations that focus on research and conservation to help raise awareness. These span all across the globe, and range from Atoll clean ups to the study of humpback whales, continuously learning and innovating so that we can keep discovering.

Six Senses Zighy Bay

Six Senses Zighy Bay
Six Senses Zighy Bay
Six Senses Zighy Bay sees the beauty and wonder of the Bay of Oman and channels that inwards, creating a stay where green initiatives and a deep respect for the environment aren't just a responsibility, but a source of inspiration for an unparalleled level of luxury.

And whilst there are plenty of environmentally-friendly actions to observe at Six Senses Zighy Bay, from the organic gardens to the reduction of plastic, the resort is built on the belief that being sustainable isn't just something it does - being sustainable is at its core.

This is why every guest is also invited to share the mindset, with socially responsible activities like hiking to observe the endangered wildlife that the resort protects, scuba diving the Musandam Peninsula to see the reef and marine life or visiting the Earth Lab to join in with one of the classes on sustainability.
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