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Experience the Five Senses in Australia

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30-Jul-2023 Karl Page

Experience the Five Senses in Australia

Sight, sound, scent, touch and taste; travel truly enchants the five senses.

For those who dream of adventure but still want to travel to one of the best luxury holiday destinations in the world, Australia will be sure to capture your heart. With bustling, vibrant cities to secluded coastlines with seemingly endless views, a luxury holiday to Australia will have you never wanting to leave. This country will bring all of your five senses to life. Whether you are hearing the waves gently lap on white-sanded beaches or indulging in local cuisine, you are sure to have an experience of a lifetime.

Read on to discover the best experiences for each sense in Australia:

Sight: See one of the Seven Wonders of Australia

Uluru, more commonly known as Ayers Rock, is renowned for being one of the main sights to see when visiting Australia. This ancient sandstone rock formation dominates the plains in the southern part of the Northern Territory. Pictures don't do its size justice, with the rock stretching 5.8 miles around the base and being approximately 348 metres tall.

With its ancient and sacred history, this is an experience to really explore the great Australian Outback. Looking like it is rising from the plains, you will be in wonder when its terracotta and crimson colours change during sunrise and sunset.

Due to preserving this natural monument, you are no longer allowed to climb it, but there are plenty of ways you can explore it. Whether you opt for hiking through the spectacular gorge or simply challenge yourself to amble around the circumference, plenty of guided tours are on offer. You will truly be in awe, and the sight of this ancient monument will surely leave you speechless.

Sun shining on Ayers Rock in Australia
Ayers Rock in Australia

Sound: Hear the music in Sydney

The Sydney Opera House is arguably the most recognised landmark in Australia due to its unparalleled design and is known for being a world-famous example of modern architecture. Although inspiring, inside, you will find six singular venues, with the biggest being the Concert Hall. With a huge array of music performances and theatrical productions, you can immerse yourself in the beautiful symphonies from a live performance or spend an evening watching a popular theatre production. Whatever you decide, experiencing anything in this renowned venue in Sydney is sure to bring your senses to life.

Scent: Smell the fresh air in the Blue Mountains

Known for its picturesque backdrop, the Blue Mountains have some of the most stunning scenery in the country, but it is also home to a scent you will probably never find anywhere else. The reason the Blue Mountains got its name is due to the slate-coloured mist from the eucalyptus which grows there. This plant has formed an incredible canopy across the landscape, and the oil evaporating seems to paint a bluish hue with its scent throughout the landscape.

With the incredible scent being a highlight of this location, the air really won't feel any fresher when taking the time to explore this spectacular place. The cascading waterfalls, mysterious caverns and vegetation teeming with wildlife are all also worth a mention.

A notable view within the Blue Mountains can be found from the Echo Point Lookout. From here, you will be able to see a breathtaking rock formation called the Three Sisters, which are three sandstone peaks which were formed thousands of years ago by erosion. The Echo Point Lookout will also show you unspoiled views of the landscape beyond the rock formation and through the jungle-like valley.
The Three Sisters rock formation in The Blue Mountains Australia
The Three Sisters rock formation in The Blue Mountains Australia

Taste: Sample the freshest food

Due to its unspoilt landscapes, Australia produces a huge variety of incredibly fresh produce. With the country being so far away from anywhere else, with the exception of New Zealand, the majority of its produce is grown locally, and this is shown through the food and dishes found here.

Maybe not a country known for having a particular distinguished dish or delicacy, but there is still plenty to taste. Some of the freshest and highest quality seafood can be enjoyed, such as oysters, prawns and all other types of fish. Alongside fresh seafood, the country is also famous for its succulent roasted lamb if you are looking for a taste of home during your getaway.

Due to Australia's varied climate, this country is home to over 2,400 wineries meaning that during your trip, you will be able to sample some of the world-famous wines produced here; from a fruity Chardonnay to a deep Pinot Noir, you will be spoilt for choice.
A vineyard located in South Australia
A vineyard located in South Australia

Touch: Soft sand at Vivonne Bay Beach

Feeling like a secluded paradise, Vivonne Bay is a magnificent slice of heaven located on Kangaroo Island. Of course, Australia is famous for its incredible beaches, but there really is something special about Vivonne Bay. Here you will be able to feel the soft white sand beneath your feet and gaze across the glass-like water of the Indian Ocean.

Even though this beach was voted one of the best in the country, you will be taken aback by just how quiet it can be. Taking some time to peacefully stroll along the soft white sand around the edge of the bay and feeling the cool water under your feet is definitely something to be experienced. When visiting here, you will understand that this specific location cannot be rivalled.

Australia is an adventurous dream, as there are endless things to influence all five senses. The country is vast, with incredible things to experience in every region, whether that is to see or touch; this country is so versatile that it is suited to just about everyone. Its captivating vibe and incredible landscapes are bound to leave you wanting more.

Kangaroo Island
Kangaroos looking at the camera on Kangaroo Island
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