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Experience Every Element of Mauritius

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05-Jun-2023 Lou Fox

Experience Every Element of Mauritius

Experience this diverse island through the four elements...

Beaches of brilliant white. Waters of perfect turquoise. Valleys of verdant green. The verdant island of Mauritius is an Indian Ocean gem that combines natural treasures and marine marvels with a unique heritage and luxuriously laid-back resorts.
From bucket-list diving and colourful canyons to seriously scenic helicopter rides and traditional firewalking ceremonies, get set to embrace the elements of nature during your stay in paradise.


While the seascapes are simply spectacular, Mauritius is much more than just its marine beauty. Inland, the island is home to striking volcanic landscapes, unique rock formations, rich flora and native wildlife.
During your next stay in Mauritius, don't miss a visit to the Charamel 7 Coloured Earth - a surreal geological formation made up of sand and rock in vibrant colours, from deep purple to fiery red. Head up to the viewpoint for the very best vistas over cascading waterfalls, rich vegetation and, of course, that beautiful, brightly coloured earth.
Chamarel Earth
Charamel 7 Coloured Earth
Mauritius landscape with couple
Nature walk through Ilot Mangénie
Wildlife lover? Head to Île aux Aigrettes, a 26-hectare nature reserve that lies just 800m off the coast. This idyllic island houses the final remnants of the coastal forest that once covered Mauritius and is now an important spot for scientific research - not to mention a sanctuary for a range of rare wildlife species. Take a guided eco tour to spot everything from pink pigeons and Mauritius kestrels to the amazing aldabra giant tortoises - which can live to be over 150 years old!
History lover? Discover Mauritius' spanning history throughout your visit, from the UNESCO World Heritage site, Le Morne, a mountain that is steeped in history. Throughout the island, discover the island's key industries that have become pillars of the island's history with captivating sugar cane and tea plantation tours as well as rum distillery experiences.
View over Port-Louis with historic canon
City view with historic canon


As one of the most accessible islands of the Indian Ocean, the warm, clear waters and white beaches of Mauritius provide a blissful beachside respite. And whilst these paradisical shores are perfect for lounging and relaxing, there are also plenty of adventures to be had.
Boasting vibrant coral reefs, underwater caves, UNESCO-protected marine parks and mysterious shipwrecks, the clear Mauritian waters are just heavenly for divers and snorkellers, home to a diverse array of marine wildlife - from rays and dolphins to rare dugongs, hawksbill humpback whales and whale sharks. Whether you stick to a snorkel around your hotel's house reef or deep dive down to the Indian Ocean floor, expect incredible visibility, fabulously colourful fish and marine memories to cherish.
Family Kayaking
Family Kayaking
Whale shark diving
Rather stay atop the waves? The sheltered, shallow lagoons of the Indian Ocean and year-round trade winds make the island an ideal destination for kayaking, windsurfing and kitesurfing.
Mauritius also happens to be one of the world's best big game-fishing destinations - the waters are home to sought-after (and delicious) species like blue marlin, dorado and wahoo. Head out with a local fisherman, before enjoying your ultra-fresh catch of the day for dinner. If you prefer a little more luxury, unwind and choose a relaxed catamaran cruise at sunset with a chilled glass of fizz.


From heavenly honeymoons to New Year's Eve festivities, Mauritius is (understandably) a popular place to celebrate those special moments, so you might catch a firework or two lighting up the stunning seascapes at night.
Firebreathing on the Beach
Firebreathing on the Beach
Fireworks on the Beach
Fireworks on the Beach
You can also experience local culture by spending an evening spectating a traditional Hindu firewalking ceremony. Practiced for centuries, they are held in honour of the goddess of Draupadi, and are thought to bring good luck and prosperity to anyone that crosses the burning coals. Or, for a first-hand encounter of authentic Mauritius life, why not watch traditional Sega dancing? Originally performed around a campfire, the dance is an expression of freedom and 'joie de vivre'.
The vibrant and colourful Sega dancers often perform on the beach, accompanied by the thumping of traditional drums and the twanging of the ravanne, a type of tambourine. This lively dance varies from island to island, and even from village to village, so you can expect a unique performance every time. It's a great way to immerse yourself in the Mauritian culture and make some unforgettable memories while you're there.


With sapphire-coloured waters, striking landscapes and glorious greenery, Mauritius is equally as beautiful by air as it is on land.
Experience the adrenaline rush of a zipline ride through the dense greenery of the Vallée des Couleurs Nature Park, soaring over the unique coloured rock canyons and striking waterfalls. But perhaps the most iconic aerial activity in Mauritius is a helicopter tour above the island, giving you chance to see one of the country's most inspiring spectacles: The Underwater Waterfall. This surreal sight is caused by the constant movement of silt and sand on the ocean bed, creating an optical illusion that looks uncannily like a waterfall beneath the waves.
Zip-lining in Mauritius
Zip-lining in Mauritius
A helicopter tour above the island
A helicopter tour above the island

Feel the Island Energy of Mauritius

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