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Chasing Highs: Hottest Helicopter Tours

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27-Mar-2019 Patrick Nevin

Chasing Highs: Hottest Helicopter Tours

Heighten your travel experience with a bird's-eye view of the world's most visually spectacular destinations.

While traversing the landscapes can lead you to catch a glimpse of extraordinary sights, elevating your point of view and taking to the skies can bring something truly special to the forefront of your vision. Take off by luxury helicopter, soak up the sights and experience your chosen destination from an unbelievable new perspective.

New Zealand

With spellbinding natural splendour across both North and South Islands, it's unsurprising helicopter is a popular mode of transport for taking in this dream-like destination. Lakes, forests, fjords and beaches span the country, placing striking hues of green against deep shades of blue. Something truly unmissable - board your helicopter and fly through the grandeur of the Alps to the majestic Milford Sound, with the opportunity for an epic glacier landing to admire the magical blue and green ice falls.
Milford Sound, New Zealand


Known as the 'Land of Fire and Ice', the geology of Iceland has rules of its own. Staggering mountain ranges, ice-capped volcanoes and erupting geysers are a spectacular sight to be seen from land or sky. With almost 24 hours of daylight during the summer months, a helicopter tour allows you to capture incredible moments including wildlife roaming the open glaciers and plunging waterfalls frozen to spectacular effect.
Skógafoss, Iceland


Famed for sapphire-coloured waters, swathes of white sand and the utmost luxury, Mauritius is equally as beautiful on land as it is by air. A helicopter tour above the island presents the chance to see one of the country's most inspiring spectacles - The Underwater Waterfall. Stay at the prestigious One&Only Le Saint Géran and set off on a 30-minute helicopter ride to spot the illustrious illusion, caused by silt movement on the ocean bed, in addition to the naturally wild beauty of Mauritius' landscapes.

New York

While you might be able to admire this iconic city's skyline from trendy rooftop bars and the windows of towering skyscrapers, venturing higher gives you the picture-perfect, wide-angle view of New York's most recognisable sights. Whether it's a short 20-minute flight across the city, or two hours of spectacular sightseeing by air, spot everything from the city's pinnacle peak of the Empire State Building, to the wide-open green expanse of Central Park.
New York City Skyline


When in Dubai, it's all about making your travels once-in-a-lifetime. Boasting a private helipad, Atlantis, The Palm presents discerning travellers with a choice of exclusive helicopter experiences to take in the whole of the modern metropolis. The twelve-minute Pearl Tour flies guests across Dubai's landmarks, including the Burj Al Arab, while the Sensational Sixty tour gives you a comprehensive view of the city, including an up-close look at man made island, The Palm.
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