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Exclusively Elegant Holidays since 1988

Elegant Resorts’ history stretches back to 1988, when two of the UK’s luxury travel pioneers recognising a gap in the market for a travel company that offered only the finest hotels and first-class client service, delivered by professional employees passionate about travel, set about creating Elegant Resorts.

With their sights firmly set on the upper end of the market, the vision of the company was to include only those hotels, villas and resorts that could be said to deliver a genuinely luxurious experience. This was complemented by partnering with major world airlines to ensure that the experience of travelling in any class – but particularly in First and Club – came up to the standard of the rest of the holiday.

The Caribbean Early Days And Concorde


The luxury Caribbean market, which was the main area of Elegant Resorts’ expertise, was the initial focus twenty-five years ago. Travel to exotic destinations within the Caribbean was aspirational to many and, despite an economic down-turn the company achieved a profit within its first year. A major contributor to the success of the early years was the weekly winter service to Barbados from British Airways by Concorde. With a flying time of less than four hours, clients could leave the UK and be on the golden beaches of the Caribbean that same afternoon. Elegant Resorts was credited with booking more arrivals to Barbados on Concorde than any other travel company and it was a sad day on 30 August 2003 when the last scheduled supersonic service flew from Barbados. Clients who flew – and even chartered – Concorde now had to find a new mode of transport; the business then started to focus on private jet travel.

Elegant Resorts grew from strength to strength and gradually, over time, other areas of the world were added; meaning today, our portfolio now also comprises hotels, resorts, villas and private islands in the Indian Ocean, Arabian Gulf, Middle East, Mexico, North and South America, Canada, Africa, Europe, North Africa, Asia and Australasia. In addition, we offer a range of experiences, from luxury cruising, yachting and skiing holidays to a selection of adventure holidays – and not forgetting space travel, for our more daring clients.

The Team

Our continuing dedication to staff training, means that Elegant Resorts’ Travel Consultants are some of the most knowledgeable in the travel industry, with an unerring ability to match clients with their ideal holiday. We are very proud to have a long-serving team who believe in delivering uncompromising service. This extends overseas too, where we have established teams working their magic in Barbados, Antigua, Dubai and Mauritius.

Both overseas and here in Chester, there’s a friendly atmosphere conducive to a good working environment. We like to enjoy ourselves and have had some fantastic occasions over the years that have included everything from home-grown theatre productions to events that our supplier and business partners join in with and every year we host an awards ceremony in London to say “thank you” to the people we work with. Testimony to our extraordinary relationships with our friends and colleagues are all the wonderful awards we have received over the years.

It’s these relationships that enable us to bring our clients exceptional experiences throughout the year and ensure that they can rely on us for all their travel needs.

  • Travel Services

    Space Flights

    We take great delight in sending our clients on fabulous holidays in this world; now we can send them to another... In 2006, Elegant Resorts was the very first UK travel company to be appointed Virgin Galactic’s accredited Space Agent, selling tickets on the planet’s first commercial sub-orbital space flights. We are very proud of our own Accredited Space Agents who have been put through their paces as ‘space cadets’ and experienced for themselves the dynamics of space and the effects of G-force, during a sub-orbital space flight simulation.

  • Villa Essentials

    The Chairman's Club

    Over the last twenty-five years, Elegant Resorts has built an extremely loyal following of clients and as a “thank you” to them we created our loyalty programme, The Chairman’s Club. Our Chairman’s Club is the most talked about, invitation-only, ‘private members’ club’ within the travel industry. The Chairman’s Club members benefit from an extended range of services and we repay their loyalty with future travel credits.

  • Well Being Services

    The Future

    Under the leadership of Michelle Sephton – herself a veteran of Elegant Resorts – the team continues to deliver the personalised service we have always prided ourselves on and plan to “maintain our strong position in the luxury market by providing trustworthy information and service, allowing our clients to enjoy their luxury holidays with confidence”.